National agreement

Development of a National Framework Agreement on the implementation of the European social partners' autonomous framework agreement on active ageing and an inter-generational approach

The activity includes the development of a strategic vision of the social partners in the formation and implementation of joint policies and tools to promote active aging and the intergenerational approach. The agreement, which will be developed as a result of the activity, will be available to all stakeholders, will be used at national level and will be an auxiliary tool in the process of collective labour agreements. The activity is within the competence of the representative organizations of employers and employees at the national level. The Autonomous framework agreement on active aging and the intergenerational approach (signed on 8 March 2017 between BUSINESSEUROPE, The European Center of Employers and Enterprises providing Public services, The European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and The European Trade Union Confederation) is a document adopted in the framework of the European Social Dialogue. As a member of BUSINESSEUROPE, BIA is directly involved in the implementation of all measures of the Autonomous Framework Agreement in Bulgaria.

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