National round table - May 14, 2020

The national round table aims to share and present the results and conclusions of the studies, conducted under Activity 1 of the Project, to reflect the views, ideas of stakeholders (including social partners) to raise awareness and commitment of target groups to the project objectives.

Representatives of the managements of state institutions will take part in the national round table: MLSP, MES, MH, EA, NSI , NSSI, NRA, NHIF; representatives of the managements of the nationally representative organizations of employers and employees - BICA, CEIBG, BCCI, SSIBG, CITUB, PODKREPA; researchers in the field of active aging and generational differences; members of the managements of the 10 branch employers' organizations - participating in the project; employers and human resource managers from enterprises; members of the managements of branch organizations of the employees, etc.

The National Round Table aims to generate ideas and proposals for the development and implementation of effective measures and mechanisms for:

  • overcoming the challenges of the labor market arising from the demographic crisis;
  • optimizing employment opportunities for all age groups of the workforce;
  • ensuring and maintaining productive and healthy working conditions, in accordance with the specific age needs of the different generations of the workforce and promoting a longer working life and ability to work;
  • improving mutual understanding, supporting cooperation and solidarity between the generations in the workplace;
  • improving social dialogue, collective labor agreementс, representation and protection of age-specific needs and interests of the workforce


The event will be held remotely as an interactive National Round Table through the portal


The results of the performed research will be published during the event, and participant will be able to join a discussion on the problems of active aging and the intergenerational approach, in order to reflect the views of all stakeholders on the studied problems.

The conducted analyzes, presented in the portal, planned in accordance with the recommendations set out in the European social partners' autonomous framework agreement on active ageing and an inter-generational approach, signed on 8 March 2017 between BusinessEurope, the UEAPME, CEEP and ETUC, are:

  • Study of international practices and experience in the intergenerational approach and the promotion of longer working life and ability to work;
  • Study and strategic assessment of the regional demography of the labor force in Bulgaria by sectors (model for a regional age pyramid);
  • Study of the generational characteristics of the labor force in Bulgaria;

Study on specific needs for new policies and approaches to adapt the work environment to ensure longer working lives and the ability to work of people with chronic diseases.

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